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Saturday, October 26, 2013

S.T.A.R. Heroes Update 1.1.2 Change Log

Small update, but it does introduce a new monster and mission. Uh... I kinda put in a Gen VI monster... don't think I'll break the order of inclusion again though. I just wanted to try my hand at spriting Goomy (his walking sprites) and I realized I might as well use him.

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Change Log: 1.1.2
-New Pokémon: Goomy
-New Mission: Goomy Pls
-New Move: Dragon Breath

-Cleffa is now pure Fairy Type
-“Lovely Kiss” is now a Normal type move
-Team selection screen now shows the Mon’s species, height, weight, and Pokedex entry.
-IVs are no longer random for arena monsters. They are set to 15.

Bug Fixes:
-Do to some errors in how teams were chosen it was possible to end up with a Pokémon with the incorrect ability.  This has now been fixed.
-Further saving changes

Change Log: 1.1.1
Bug Fixes:

-Resolved some issues with saving

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