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Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Game Mode in Development

I don't have all the details right now, but this "Hero Quest" mode will replace the Arena mode of the current version of the game. You'll still have access to the Arena, but the main gameplay will have you using, buying and catching your own monsters. It's essentially a streamlined version of the main games.

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You navigate maps like the one in the picture, but there won't be story or dungeon elements. There will be towns with shops, areas to fight wild Pokemon, areas to fight trainers, and of course Gym Leaders to challenge as you progress through the game. Towns will also give you access to new Arena Missions, and using the money you win from missions you can level up your team with Rare Candies, buy other items, or actually buy new Pokemon.

There won't be any need for PC's, you'll be able to carry all of your Pokemon with you since this is more like Stadium and not an actual adventure (that's what Pokemon S.T.A.R. Adventures is for). However, you can only battle with the number of Pokemon your opponent uses to keep things balanced, and you have to buy additional slots for your party (you start out with 3).

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