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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

S.T.A.R. Heroes Update 1.1.0 Change Log

General Summary: 4 new Monsters, a new stage, and new missions.

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Change Log: 1.1.0
-New Pokémon: Vulpix
-New Pokémon: Zubat
-New Pokémon: Cleffa
-New Pokémon: Igglybuff
-New Mission: Cute Conquest
-New Mission: Powder Power
-New Mission: I Can Fly Too!
-New Mission: Fear The Dark
-New Mission: Mt. Moon Turf War
-New Mission: Target Competition II
-New Mission: Sound Searchers
-New Battle Type: “Relay Battles” – The same style as the mainline games, in which trainers send out Pokémon one at a time.  In the mission menu, the amount of Pokémon out at a time is designated by the number after the slash.  In other words, “3/1 v. 3/1” means each team sends out 1 Pokémon at a time, and each team has 3 Pokémon total.
-New Stage: Mt. Moon
-New Move: Leech Life
-New Move: Sing
-New Move: Supersonic
-New Move: Astonish
-New Move: Roar
-New Move: Sleep Powder
-New Move: PoisonPowder
-New Move: Stun Spore
-New Move: Encore
-New Move: Disable
-New Move: Sweet Kiss
-New Move: Lovely Kiss
-New Move: Absorb
-New Status Ailment: Confusion
-New Status Ailment: Sleep
-Super Frames:  While using some moves, you’ll be impervious to getting knocked back but will still take damage. Example: Bite

-Overall HP reduced by 25%
-Overall Gravity decreased by 20% (Jumps should be a little floatier and more useful)
-“Bite” now has 15 Super Frames on startup and now can be used as a counter of sorts.
-Stamina recovery rate increased by 25%.
-Bubble is now bigger
-Double Kick hits only twice, 1 for each kick, and not 4 times.
-Smokescreen and Sand-Attack are now more effective at reducing Stamina
-Animation changes for Growl
-Enemies now better prioritize collecting in Collecting Missions
-Enemy AI tweak for using status ailment attacks
-Quick Attack is now a little slower, has reduced range, and now has some ending lag.
-The speed reducing aspect of trapping moves (Wrap, Fire Spin, Sand Tomb) now only take effect at a greater distance (a 300% increase). This allows the trapped victim a little more freedom, but they still can’t flee their enemy as the original games intended.  
-New Main Menu

Bug Fixes:
-Fix in enemy AI in regards to jumping/flying
-Fix in stamina required to fly.
-Tweaking of attack collisions
-Graphical bug with buffs/nerfs on Squirtle

-Hitting enemies with attacks they are immune to will now give them a few frames of invincibility

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