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Sunday, September 22, 2013

S.T.A.R. Heroes Update 1.0.5 Change Log

The following is a list of updates from 1.0.0 to 1.0.5.

Overall, some bugs were fixed and typos corrected.  The biggest changes come in the form of Bulbasaur's Vine Whip having a slight range reduction, his Leech Seed now lasts for a short period of time and heals less.  New additions include a moveset change for Sandshrew, as he now has Rollout and Sand Tomb.

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-Auto Update Notifier
-Invincibility after recovering from stun. Should prevent being "stun locked" in some cases.
-New Move: Rollout
-New Move: Sand Tomb
-New Move: Rock Throw

-Vine Whip's size scales more by the level of the user
-Leech Seed now costs more Stamina
-Leech Seed now lasts for a period of time scaled by the user's level
-Charging attacks such as Tackle and Quick Attack will better retain the users' initial direction.
-The Sandshrew in the missions "Sand & Sea" and "Treasure Hunt" now knows Sand Tomb and Rollout instead of Sand-Attack and Poison Sting.
-Bubble now lasts 30% longer

Bug Fixes:
-Item Shop typos
-PKMN Selection Screen would stop showing the name of moves.
-Tweaked collision detection with attacks

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