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Saturday, February 8, 2014

S.T.A.R. Heroes Update 1.1.6 Change Log

The weekly update of February, as promised. Two new Pokémon, and a lot of balance changes. 

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Change Log: 1.1.6
-New Pokémon: Venonat, Diglett
-New Missions:  Psyche Out, Digger Twins
-Support for large pools of rental Pokémon.
-New Held Item: Black Glasses

-Water Gun and Acid have been nerfed and now travel slower
-Tackle has half the number of Super Frames (11 -> 5)
-Pursuit now has 5 frames of invincibility on start up when used at a distance
-Knockback on Double Kick is now greater on the second hit (50) than on the first (20).  This should allow it to combo easier
-Double Kick is slightly bigger and faster.
-Pushback on Fury Attack has been reduced to 3 from 5

Bug Fixes:

-Double Kick now works correctly

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